Wedding Photography Tips And Advice

Weddings are special events, as they are intended to produce long-lasting memories to the happy couple and their extended families and friends. This is why wedding photography is different than everything else. It is a style in itself. This made many photographers choose this niche and become experts in it. This article is going to provide you a few tips and advice for making the most out of your wedding photos.

wedding photograpy example

First of all, you need to think about organizing a photo session rather than having random photos taken by a pro. Since these pictures are going to be your most beloved memories from this big day, you should use a romantic decor and express your love through this creative and captivating art. Besides, by doing so, you make sure everybody looks fresh and neat. Photos were taken by the end of the party many not be that good, as most guests are going to be tired and probably a little drunk. Ideally, you should schedule this moment early enough in the day. Depending on the number of guests, the photo session could last anywhere between 30 minutes and one hour and a half. Anything longer than that isn’t good, as people are going to get bored and hungry. Make it quick, but without compromising on quality.

This isn’t to say you don’t have to take random photos throughout the day. However, it’s much better to plan ahead and make a sort of scenario, a storyboard containing all scenes you’d like to capture on your happy day. Discuss this plan with your photographer and agree on the list of must-have shots. Besides, you need to make sure you have all your guests on the list so that you don’t discover you’ve left some people out. It is crucial that the happy couples take photos with all guests so that each of them can have a beautiful memory.

A rehearsal of the photo session is always a good idea. It is possible that the photographer is also going to ask you to do it. However, even if he doesn’t, you should ask him to come over and see what kind of shots you want. This is going to help him understand much better what lenses, filters and similar accessories he might need. A wide angle lens is probably a must-have, as it allows taking photos of large groups even in tight spaces. Big aperture lenses are also a good choice, as they have a very narrow depth of field, excellent when you want to emphasize a detail on a blurry background. A macro lens might help you capture some incredible close-ups of various details and decor elements. A fixed focal lens would enable you to capture exquisite candid shots, so you should probably have one in your bag. A flash diffuser could be very useful for indoor shots as most churches are rather dark.

If you are a photographer yourself, always have the photo album in mind while you work. Take pictures of the wedding rings, of the dresses, shoes, table settings, flowers, candles and everything else that could make a nice addition to the final album. This is vital, so you’d better take too many photos of such details than discovering you don’t have enough material for representing the romantic dimension of the celebration. If you lack ideas, you could buy a bunch of wedding magazines to get some inspiration. Also, sitting with the happy couple and brainstorming the best ideas, you can come up with an innovative and highly creative vision that would produce outstanding results.